Growing and growing

Internship Spain is a stand-alone company, which offers a wide range of high quality internship in Barcelona.

Based in Barcelona, our company is dedicated to providing productive and valuable work placements which are accessible to all. We offer several different internship programmes in a variety of sectors such as: MarketingCustomer Relationship Management  ,Human Resources, IT, Translation, Media and Recruitment.

Our determination to promote equal opportunities and training for every member of our team. We invest a great deal of time and care into the development of our young and multicultural staff focussing on the quality of the training and service that we provide. With the result that our interns are able to acquire a wide variety of skills and establish a solid work ethic. 

The reason we started internship programmes 

Today’s job market has become incredibly competitive, as companies look for graduates who have obtained practical work based experience. 

We offer students practical and productive solutions that faciliate an individual's ability to gain access to the career path of their choice. 

We give students the chance to apply their knowledge from university in to the workplace, while simultaneously acquiring new techniques working in one of our departments. In turn, our interns give the company it’s distinctive characteristics of being a dynamic and flexible organisational, as we strive for new creative innovations and ideas. 

If you are interested in our internship programmes or would like to know more about Internship Spain, please feel free to contact us.

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