How to gain expierence


Internship Programmes 

The internship programme offers a variety of internships in different departments. 

Students can apply for placements in any of the departments listed below. 

Internship-UK offers internships in several departments such as: 

Each department works on specific projects, with each Intern being able to work within their area of expertise or where they require to develop further skills. Internship-Spain offers internships throughout the year, so you are free to choose your own start and end dates for the internship. The duration of the internship programme varies from one month to one year.

How could you apply to join our internship programme? 

If you would like to gain practical experience by working in media, marketing, sales, human resources, web design, or as a web developer, feel free to apply online or contact us for any further information. Once your application is completed, we will contact you via your e-mail address. 

We offers numerous internships to help you improve your skills in a working environment. Also, you will be living in a dynamic and refreshing atmosphere in Barcelona or Lleida.

Time table during the week:


-Working at the office.

-Having lunch.


-Workshop; Spanish lessons; Practical classes.

-Sport class, Personal trainer or Media lessons.


-Meeting at the VILLA.


-Leisure activities

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