At Internship Spain we understand the complexity and intricacy each year involved in coordinating internship placements. 
Whether it is undergraduate or postgraduate degree placements, at Internship Spain we are able to accommodate a range of internship placement options via our group internship placement program.

 Group Internship placement program

Our Group Internship placement program provides the unique opportunity for universities and institutions to provide their students with the opportunity to have a shared international internship experience. 
If potential candidates meet the requirements of the internship program, this system allows applicants the possibility to travel together and share the experience of gaining international work experience in Spain. 
Our group internship programs operates throughout the whole year and we welcome intern groups in all of our dedicated internship programs.


We ask that each university or institution internship coordinator provide us with the list of potential candidates that would like to participate in our internship company and our HR department will track the progress of each applicant. 
Note: each applicant will still be subject to our individual recruitment process before being offered an internship placement 
If your university or institution is interested in developing potential partnerships with Internship Spain for furthering the mutual exchange process of providing quality care and work placements to students from around the world feel free to contact us.


Recognition of credit​

What credits can be validated?
In principle, you can validate all types of credit, provided that the academic coordinator agrees. We will have to consider the contents of the subjects to destination and workload.
Before the stay, the student agree with his coordinator shall send destination studies and studies of the University to be validated.

When the student finishes the internship, the manager evaluate the internship and validated the credits.